What’s on the menu?
We have a great selection of dishes each week in the restaurant, there is something for all tastes. We also have a great selection of desserts for those who like to have a cheat day. During December we will feature a fantastic selection of traditional festive items so all can enjoy the season with family and friends and in the beautiful environment of Greenway Views.

How do you come up with the meals? Do you have any inspiration?
I use the combination of what is the current seasonal produce available, my own experience and taste and most importantly what the residents like to eat. Food is very personal so I take on board the feedback and suggestions from residents.

How do you make sure that they are nutritious & delicious?
We take this very seriously and a lot of thought goes into the dishes, we ensure all meals are balanced and provide both nutrition and taste. I have also had some professional input from a nutritionist on the food offerings at Greenway Views. Healthy food can be very attractive and interesting if you plan the dish well. I get good practice at home making my 6 year old boy eat his vegetables.

What is your favourite dish to eat/make?
My favourite dish to eat is whatever someone else cooks, it’s great to be on the other side. My passion is Asian food, spicy lots of herbs, big strong flavours. I have been lucky enough to have worked in many Asian countries and would never say no to a bowl of Pho noodles or curry for breakfast. Anything with chili is worth eating in my book.

What is the crowd pleaser here at GV?
Its hard to pin down but I guess the most requested dish on the menus is my simple fish and chips. But when you use a fresh flathead from the market that day, simply seasoned with malt vinegar, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, fresh crispy batter in clean oil you really can taste the difference from the usual frozen fish you may get elsewhere. Food that is made with passion and care always tastes better. Its always the simple dishes that are crowd favourites when prepared with love.

Do you ever do special requests?
Yes all the time, lots of preferences lots of personal requests. I try to use these requests when writing new menu dishes.

What is your number one tip when it comes to planning meals?
You have to understand flavours. I learnt very early on to always consider the actual person who will be eating the dish, my own personal preferences may not be the preference of the person eating the dish. Always take the time to step back taste and make sure all the components of the dish work. Looking good doesn’t always mean it tastes good.