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Aged Care

Discover our unique approach to aged care with Love, Decency & Kindness

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Seniors’ Living

Discover a beautiful lifestyle for life with 24/7 care, if and when you need it


LDK Seniors’ Living® villages have a wonderful, vibrant sense of community, where no two days are the same and residents remain active and young at heart. We offer the freedom and privacy you want in your own home with all of your treasures and pets plus space for the family to visit. At LDK, you’ll always have the independence you want with personalised care for peace of mind.


Amberfield, ACT

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Our newest LDK Seniors’ Living community, Amberfield, is now under construction and stage 1 and 2 are selling fast.

To secure one of the final villas or apartments available in this realease contact us today.


Aspire Aged Care by LDK is our new national aged care package, offering a genuine alternative to a nursing home. Delivering 24/7 care with Love, Decency & Kindness.

Why choose an LDK village?

Our One Move Promise®

Our One Move Promise® ensures when you move into an LDK Seniors’ Living® village, you won’t have to move again.

Transparency, Clarity and Affordability

Our unique pricing model offers a simple, clear approach as an alternative to the traditional exit-fee structure. If you own your own home, you can afford to live at LDK.

Lifestyle for Life

LDK villages offer secure, vibrant living for independent singles and couples to remain in control of their lifestyle through to seniors with care needs now or in the future.

LDK is in our DNA

LDK stands for Love, Decency & Kindness, which are more than just words to us. Our vision is to drive change in the industry and ensure all senior Australians are treated with Love, Decency & Kindness.

Retirement Senior Living Communities

Our top 5 FAQ’s

How are you different to other retirement living and aged-care options?

The aged care and retirement industry is segmented within Australia with retirement villages, home care support and nursing homes. We identified that senior Australians want similar lifestyle outcomes, no matter their care requirements. In order to achieve this and bridge the gap, we have combined what we believe to be the best parts of retirement and aged care living in order to deliver our unique One Move Promise® – our guarantee that once our residents call LDK home, they will never have to move again.

How do you manage care governance?

We are an approved home care, residential aged care, commonwealth home support care and DVA provider with a highly experienced National Care Manager. LDK Founder and Managing Director Paul Browne has been part of care governance committees with four separate senior living organisations throughout his 20 years’ experience of building and running retirement living and aged care businesses. These figures are supported by a robust care governance and risk management program within the LDK business. We will never compromise on the quality of our care.

What is Home Care Package management?

Navigating the government funding options for someone requiring care and support can be difficult. LDK provides Home Care Package management to support families in this process and act on their behalf as much as possible to ensure the best possible experience and outcome.

Does each resident have a care plan?

Each resident in need of care and support will have a care plan. We work with the resident and their family to ensure everyone is comfortable with the care plan. Residents and families will always be given the opportunity to provide feedback and request reviews of this plan.

Can I keep my current care provider?

Yes. Residents can continue to have the same care provided as when living at home and by the same provider. Most residents select LDK to deliver the services, due to the incredible package delivery value LDK provides.

“As you get older, the stereotype of the elderly pops into your head, such as the person in a rocking chair with slippers. On the whole, it is a bit scary and daunting. You ask yourself: ‘How do you find a safe place?’ Your own home doesn’t seem as safe because you don’t have contact with others in the same way. Greenway Views has shaken off all preconceived ideas of old age. At this facility we are all in the same boat and conscious of the fact we are all at the age where we need company. LDK is working, it is living up to its name.”

Greenway Views® Resident

“You and your team have shown us the true meaning of ‘Elder Care’ with your fantastic approach to running our village with ‘Love, Decency & Kindness’. Never a day goes by without tangible evidence of your philosophy. So many things, big and little, have been fixed or improved since you took over but even more importantly, the whole ambience of the village has changed – we are now happy! Thank you for caring.”

The Landings® Resident

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our friendly Membership Consultants, please call 1300 535 000.

Retirement Senior Living Communities

Moving into a retirement village is often a good choice for people who still wish to live independently in their own homes but want to remain close to the convenient amenities and services available within a retirement village.

So if you’ve been thinking of moving to a retirement village or are looking for the right option for a loved one, we’re here to answer some of the questions you may have.



What is a retirement village?

A retirement village is its own community. It is a group of living options and amenities that have been built to accommodate people who are generally aged 55 years and older and who are independent enough to live in their own homes. You don’t even need to be retired to live in a retirement village – you could still be employed part-time and take advantage of the convenience and freedom living in a retirement village can offer you.

Who can live in an LDK Seniors’ Living® village?

At LDK, we understand that everyone is different and will have different needs.

Our retirement Seniors’ Living® communities are designed for those aged 70 and above or those with immediate care needs. The average age of our residents is in the low to mid-80s.

If you want to find out more about whether LDK is right for you or your loved one, you can contact us by filling out a quick and easy enquiry form.

What kind of amenities are available at LDK’s Seniors’ Living® villages?

We have many different amenities available at our retirement Seniors’ Living® communities.

Both The Landings and Greenway Views have been built with our residents’ every comfort in mind, situated within leafy, peaceful surroundings. However, they are conveniently located nearby major suburban hubs, so you’re only ever a short trip away from the local shops and restaurants.

That said, both our Seniors’ Living® villages have plenty of on-site amenities to help you stay connected – such as a pool, café, grocer, theatre, BBQ area and more.

We also provide in-house care to our residents should they require it and have a registered nurse available 24/7.

Why should you choose LDK?

Transitioning to retirement living can be a big decision for many. But there are an array of benefits to retirement living. Here are just a few of them:

  1. You can live independently, safe in the knowledge that should you require care there will always be someone on hand to help.
  2. Our vibrant communities are big on staying social. You have the option to join in one of the many group activities that form the monthly village social calendar, from enjoying a walking group with other active members to passing the time with board games.
  3. LDK’s Seniors’ Living® villages have been purpose-built. This means they’ve been carefully and thoughtfully designed with the comforts and security of seniors in mind.
  4. LDK’s One Move Promise® means that you’ll never have to move again. Our on-site care team means as your needs change we are there to support you if and when you require care.
  5. Unlike some retirement villages, small pets are welcome at LDK’s Seniors’ Living® villages (subject to Village Manager approval).
  6. Friends and family are welcome to visit at any time. Your family is also welcome to stay overnight in your residence, which means you can host a sleepover for the grandkids.

We hope this has helped to answer your questions about retirement living, LDK and how we can help facilitate your retirement living dreams.

If you have any questions or would like to chat with our friendly membership team, you can get in touch by calling 1300 535 000. You can also contact us by filling out a simple enquiry form, and we can get back to you.