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A revolutionary vision for senior Australians

We stand for Love,
Decency & Kindness

Our vision is for every senior Australian to be treated with Love, Decency & Kindness in their ageing journey.

LDK was established more than 20 years ago by Founder and Director, Paul Browne. Paul established his first seniors’ living community after personal experiences with senior loved ones inspired him to create a better future for senior Australians.

Paul saw there was a stark difference between the vibrant lifestyle experienced in a retirement village versus the institutionalised environment of a nursing home. As retirement village residents’ care needs increased, they often had to move out of their village home into a nursing home, losing the lifestyle, privacy, freedom and purpose they experienced in their retirement village. Paul sought to bring together the vibrancy of a retirement village with the care capabilities residents require in their ageing journey to create a revolutionary integrated offering providing vibrancy and care in one location.

“It sounds simple, but people just want to be treated with love, decency and kindness. I wanted to create a solution that encapsulates people’s current and future needs in the ageing journey. Not just from a care point of view, but emotional needs as well. LDK provides a community environment that offers the opportunity for seniors to continue to live life to the fullest, the way they want. At LDK, we’re producing what our Australian seniors want and need now, and at all stages of life.”

Paul Browne
Founder & Director, LDK Seniors’ Living™

You never need to move
from home

Everything we do has one thing in mind – our residents. Underpinning our commitment to residents is our One Move Promise®, our guarantee that once residents make an LDK village their home, they don’t need to move again.

We provide a genuine continuum of care once our residents move in – from planned and unplanned care – where couples stay together, pets are welcome and grandkid sleepovers are a regular occurrence.

We are creating villages that our residents can call their own with a true sense of belonging. Through a wide range of activities and events, our villages are known for their atmosphere and vibrancy, where new friendships are forged, friends and family are always welcome and our residents can remain in control of their lifestyle and won’t ever want to leave.

What makes our model different?

At LDK we take a different approach to the traditional pricing within the retirement living and aged care sector. We centre our model around what matters most, our residents. We’ve taken the elements that make sense from both the retirement living and aged care sectors and left out the parts that don’t.

There are 3 easy components to our pricing when moving in:

1. Cost of your apartment
When exiting you will receive the total cost of the apartment back (dependent on your chosen membership fee option)

2. Our village membership fee
Our fixed membership fee is payable upfront, monthly or deferred until exit

3. Your ongoing living expenses
This weekly fee covers costs like electricity, water, phone and internet and the cost is fixed for life at entry giving you clarity and certainty each month

Based on your personal circumstances our membership specialists we will provide you a personalised summary to indicate the additional cost of meals and/or care based on the government subsidies you may receive or be eligible for.

We understand how important it is to know the costs associated with living in an LDK community and we’re here to help. Let us provide you with a clearer outline of costs tailored to you personal circumstances. Call us on 1300 535 000 or click below to get in touch with one of our friendly membership consultants.

LDK village costs model

Cost of your apartment

Village Membership Fee

Ongoing Weekly Living Expenses

Care when you need it

Seniors’ Living Village Care

Offering care and peace of mind

Our care centres around our One Move Promise®. Our vibrant seniors’ living villages offer independent living with peace of mind that you never have to move again. Our on-site care team are available 24/7, if and when you need.


  • Optimising your Home Care Packages to ensure you get the most out of them
  • Scheduled services (cleaning, washing, grocery shopping etc.)
  • Premium amenities
  • Private respite care
  • A comprehensive activity and lifestyle programme


Aspire Aged Care

Offering a true alternative to a nursing home

We operate under a home care model, but offer aged care service delivery. Our difference is in the way we can deliver personalised, holistic care. At LDK, we know the importance of partnering with allied health GPs and pharmacies to provide full end-to-end care.


  • Low to high care
  • Palliative and end of life care
  • Dementia care
  • Private dementia day respite care
  • Private respite care
  • A comprehensive activity and lifestyle programme

The heart and soul
of our villages

Life at LDK means something different to each of our residents but for everyone who lives with us, it’s their home.

It has been our mission to create retirement and aged care communities that put simply, give seniors what they want. Places where our loved ones can continue to enjoy their life as they have always done, with a sense of purpose, where couples stay together, and have the freedom to keep their pets. Where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and above all can receive all the care they need, should they ever need it, in the privacy of their own home, knowing that they will never have to move again.


“A safe place for single, independent ladies like me. A community.
The most important thing is, I’m home.”

Don and Margaret

“It’s always lovely to get back home to your own bed. There’s no place like home. We can come and go, we feel safe and secure and it’s really everything we wanted.”

Discover the meaning
behind the LDK name

We are often asked “What does LDK stand for?”.

Find out what it stands for along with what it means to our residents and to the LDK team.