A revolutionary vision for older Australians

LDK Healthcare’s vision is that every elderly person in Australia will be treated with Love, Decency and Kindness in their personal ageing journey.

The seed of LDK’S vision was planted over 20 years ago by Paul Browne, our Founder and the Managing Director of LDK Healthcare.

Paul is a seasoned aged care pioneer and established his first senior living company over 20 years ago, after his personal experiences with aged care inspired him to create a better future for senior Australians.

Back then, Paul was a police officer who routinely visited aged care homes in his community, getting to know the residents and often attending the homes as part of his profession when a resident passed away.

LDK Healthcare
Paul saw the conditions residents lived in as well as the care they received and that they needed to improve. Faced with placing his own loved ones in care, he knew there had to be a better option for our older Australians, now and in the future.  After all they’ve done for our country, fought wars, worked hard and raised families, Paul passionately believed that every Australian deserved the best in care and lifestyle to support them to live life to the full as they age.
LDK Healthcare

Paul’s grand vision for future senior living in Australia, is a place where our loved ones can continue to thrive and have a sense of purpose, couples continue to live together, and have the freedom to keep their pets.  A place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and above all can enjoy the twilight years in the privacy of their own home, where they need not move from place to place to receive the care they need, when they need it.

LDK Healthcare communities are where older Australians can experience Paul’s vision come to life, where we have one thing in mind – our residents.

At the heart of our mission

Provide a non-institutionalised community environment that is affordable for our residents, where they will enjoy normality, a sense of purpose, privacy and security in our purpose-built village.

Our residents, who will be members of the LDK Family, will thrive in an atmosphere of fun, with every aspect of our offering premised on our core values of love, decency and kindness.

Our residents will not have to move again, once they join our family. That’s our promise.

We will be leaders in the delivery of technology and innovation, to deliver the best care to our residents, through to end of life.