Note: As of February 2024, we are not currently accepting respite bookings due to occupancy being at capacity. For any further information pleaes give us a call.

In the past, neighbourhoods were vibrant and supportive communities in which people knew and cared for one another. Children could play in the street safely and seniors could depend on neighbours or their adult children who had remained in the area to watch out for them and offer support when it was needed.

But times have changed and the world has become less community orientated. What was once considered a person’s golden years have become somewhat tarnished. Many seniors struggle with loneliness and a lack of community. So what options are available to you that will improve the quality of your retirement?

Choosing a place to retire

Some seniors choose to remain in the homes they have lived in for years, however many struggle with loneliness and lack of accessibility. Others choose to move into nursing homes, but this can mean sacrificing their independence and individuality. Nursing homes offer a high level of care and provide activities to relieve the inevitable boredom, but can feel cold and institutional.

So what is the alternative? Retirement villages (or senior living villages) are a great solution for seniors looking to retain their independence and introduce a greater level of care and community into their lives. Across the range of retirement options Australia has to offer, LDK Seniors’ Living has the capacity to cater to all levels of care depending on the needs of our seniors.

As a new retirement villages concept, our communities provide you with all the benefits of owning your own home in a thriving village community coupled with a team of highly trained professional carers who are based onsite and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We consult with our seniors and their loved ones to establish the level of care that they require which ranges from little to no assistance to a high level of care. We understand that these levels can change depending on the health of our seniors and have the capacity to continually make adjustments to each resident’s care plan.

LDK utilises a range of non-intrusive state-of-the-art technologies to promote our seniors’ wellbeing and respect their privacy. Residents can make the most of their apartments’ smart TV and Google Home Hub with our onsite team available to ensure our residents are able to use these devices with confidence, in as much or as little detail as they like.

Security and support in LDK retirement villages

Unlike most retirement villages our villages embody our One Move Promise® which pledges to provide a level of quality care and support to our seniors, that they can feel secure in the knowledge that they will not have to move again and that support teams are on standby 24/7, if and when they need. In addition to our health care services, we can offer regular cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping assistance for residents based on their preferences.

Village life

As with retirement villages, our seniors living villages offer a wide variety of events and functions to participate in for those looking to socialise. Residents are also encouraged to introduce their own hobbies and pastimes into the mix. LDK values the growth of new interests in the community. Similar to retirement villages our villages also offer fully equipped gyms facilitating exercise along with regular fitness programs and a busy activities calendar. We should also commend the work of our gardeners in maintaining the manicured gardens throughout our villages. Should you wish to do your own shopping, we have shuttle buses that can take you to nearby areas to visit the public libraries, clubs, cafes, restaurants and parks.

The experiences and independence of our seniors is one of the most important aspects we aim to achieve at our villages. We endeavour to provide the familiarity of a home, with seniors bringing their own furniture and mementos into their new home. Pets are welcome, as well as visits from family and friends and sleepovers a welcome option.

How do I choose a retirement community?

With such a range of retirement options available, it can be a time-consuming task choosing the right retirement community for your needs. You may be asking yourself, what should I look for in a retirement village? One important factor may be geographical location, thinking, for example, how far family and friends would have to travel to visit. Another major consideration is the retirement housing options available with regard to type and size and a third is the facilities the retirement village provides.

Greenway Views Seniors’ Living Village is located in Greenway, just outside Tuggeranong, Canberra. At Greenway Views we offer a choice of open plan, one, two or three-bedroom apartments. Other amenities include the grocer, theatre, gym, café, restaurant and a bar with piano and snooker table.

Greenway Views can provide respite care for residents to give primary carers a temporary break. The families of our seniors can feel secure in the knowledge that their loved ones are having a great time and are looked after by qualified and experienced LDK carers. Our staff provide genuine care with love, decency and kindness. Our respite care can also serve as a temporary care option for those considering their permanent living arrangements. We support seniors to trial the Aspire Aged Care by LDK experience to ensure that it is exactly what they are looking for.

The Landings Seniors’ Living Village in North Turramurra, on the Upper North Shore of Sydney offers luxury villas, villa apartments and one, two and three bedroom apartments. The Landings’ unique features include several attractive pocket parks around the village, a heated indoor swimming pool and access to nearby golf courses and the North Turramurra bowling club. There are also a number of great nature walks in the bushland adjacent to the village. If you would like to request a call back, please complete the form here.

Community is about people

There’s a lot more to a village than bricks and mortar. Certainly, the quality of its infrastructure is important but without people there is no community. In a retirement village or seniors living village, along with the seniors who are the heart of that community, those who care for and support those seniors have vital roles to play in ensuring that the community is a thriving one.

Maintaining quality of life

LDK has put the needs and desires of our seniors at the forefront of our development of vibrant communal spaces, beautiful amenities and services. Our seniors enjoy an active and social lifestyle and can rely on the efficiency of our carers to provide high quality and onsite support available 24/7. As part of our recruitment process, we require that carers have a sense of accountability and dedication to provide our residents with love, decency and kindness. This imparts a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment for both the residents and carers. It has also contributed to our reputation for providing an innovative and quality approach to retirement living and aged care.