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Our dedicated care team take the time to truly understand each person’s life and needs when they stay with us. Read below how we deliver the best care and support to you or your loved one.

How it Works

  • Our respite care is privately funded, meaning LDK charges a fixed rate, for you or your loved one’s stay, care and meals.
  • $149 per day all inclusive, with no hidden costs, we pride ourselves on providing certainty and transparency in everything we do.
  • There is no ACAT assessment required, instead one of our dedicated Care Team members, will conduct a care assessment prior to your stay.
  • Our private respite care is available on a two to six-week maximum stay. This allows you or your loved one ample time to re-energise.
  • Prior to your stay, LDK will be in touch 48 hours prior to coordinate your stay, ensuring a seamless and stress-free move in.

Call us on 1300 535 000 or fill out our Enquiry Form below. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

Respite Care Enquiry Form