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The LDK difference

Our villages challenge the status quo of ‘senior living’ and ‘aged care’, to bring you or your loved one the very best lifestyle and care in a vibrant community environment that feels like home, because this is your home.

With our residents at the centre of LDK, our villages are designed around the following pillars:

Care and support
  • Whilst we focus on creating a fun and vibrant community, where relationships flourish, we will never compromise on the quality of care that we deliver to our residents.
  • Our residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they can stay in their LDK home throughout their entire ageing journey.
  • Residents should feel loved.
  • There will be ongoing certainty and transparency about the fees and charges for care and support – no surprises.


About your care

Your home
  • The LDK village is a non-institutional environment with a sense of homeliness.
  • Residents will maintain a sense of normality throughout their lives, regardless of their stage in their ageing journey, where couples stay together and pets are welcome.
  • Residents should feel secure – both with their personal security as well as feeling safe and secure.
  • Residents should be able to maintain privacy – with a key to their front door and receive the care they need in private.


About your LDK home

Village lifestyle
  • Our villages will have a vibrant sense of community.  All residents will feel they are part of the LDK family, where every person is valued, treated as an equal and feels safe and connected.
  • Residents are encouraged to enjoy themselves and have fun, with a large choice of enjoyable activities available at each village.
  • Residents should feel their life maintains purpose and they have a reason to get out of bed.


About your village lifestyle