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Introducing LDK’s One Move Promise®

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The last thing you want to do when you retire is move again. That’s why LDK gives you a One Move Promise®

Origin Energy conducted a survey of 1,000 people in 2016 to understand the impact of moving home. It revealed that over 75% of Australians think moving is one of life’s most stressful events. From packing boxes, waiting on hold with service providers, and updating your address, you might be inclined to agree.

There’s no doubt that moving  can be very stressful — not the sort of thing you want to do more than once, especially when you’ve decided to downsize and move into a retirement living or aged care village.

A retirement village alternative that’s with you all the way.

If you’re considering a move into a retirement community, you’re probably thinking about strolls through lovely maintained gardens, new friends, and peaceful areas to enjoy your retirement exactly how you’d like to.

But over time, what happens if you start to need some help?

If you’re living in a retirement community, and you start to need some assistance getting ready for the day, or if you need to know a medical professional is on site, 24/7, traditionally, you’d be required to move into an aged care facility. This is because most retirement living communities only cater for those who can live independently.

It’s not like that at LDK, because we were founded with a different vision in mind.

We believe every person should be treated with Love, Decency & Kindness in their ageing journey — it’s not just something we say, it’s something we truly believe in. This philosophy comes to the fore, when designing villages for our residents — making sure they’re supported for life.

Our One Move Promise®, means residents will receive all the care they need within a vibrant seniors’ village, without ever having to move again.

LDK villages offer a genuine continuum of care.

LDK Healthcare is creating the most innovative seniors’ living villages around Australia — places that we ourselves would proudly call home. Our resident’s will enjoy living within active and engaged villages, that are supported by state-of-the-art technology and offer real care through our team of expert health professionals that are available on-site 24/7.

LDK villages are designed to allow our residents to move in and if they ever develop care needs, to be looked after at every stage of their journey, from low-care to high and dementia care.

Our residents will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they can receive care tailored to their individual needs within the comfort of their own LDK homes.

Stay together forever.

What’s more, couples can stay together, pets are welcome and all LDK Seniors’ Living villages are geared around inclusivity; creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for visiting residents’ families and friends.

The LDK difference, is that when you live with us, you won’t ever have to live apart. You’ll be supported by LDK’s 24/7 care, delivered into the privacy of your LDK home. Our state of the art technology enables us to support our residents to live at home safely with their loved one.

Your home, for life.

Fundamentally, LDK looks at seniors’ living differently. The way it’s meant to be —where you have a place you call home that actually feels like home. A place where the care is available, to support you if you need it, for the rest of your ageing journey.

If you’d like to discuss our One Move Promise® further, please call us on 1300 535 000.

You can also get in touch using our online form at, or book in to one of our free Community Forums at