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Why Lifestyle & Leisure Activities Are An Essential Part Of Aged Care


Living an active and healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have to stop as we age, which is why activities for the elderly in aged care are so important.


As you start your journey in an aged care living environment — whether for medical care or to comfortably live alone with extra support — you shouldn’t have to stop having fun and should consider the aged care activities available to help you enjoy your day-to-day. The benefits of lifestyle activities in aged care are enough to show you why they’re an essential part of your stay at an aged care village. No matter the size or scope of activity, it can provide you with purpose, excitement, social interaction and mental stimulation.

What are leisure and lifestyle activities like in aged care?

Depending on your selected aged care village, the leisure and lifestyle activities should be fun, mentally stimulating and provide a sense of connection through community. With various options and categories of activities, you can join in the activities with other residents and build friendships with those who share similar interests as you.

The aged care provider organises all activities. You will be accompanied by and supported by the care staff as you partake in the activities. For example, our team will be there when you attend one of our various scheduled activities such as our weekly dance for wellbeing classes or enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee in the café.

Why are lifestyle activities important in aged care?

As we age and grow old, we often lack mental stimulation in everyday life, especially if we’re no longer working or have fewer interactions with our loved ones. We all have needs, ranging across physical, cognitive and emotional needs. Aged care residents often want to feel social and a part of society or community, which is where lifestyle activities in aged care comes in handy.

The benefits of social activities in aged care allows residents to keep their minds active and feel a sense of belonging. Their cognitive, social, physical, emotional and even spiritual needs are met through lifestyle activities. Often activities for aged care incorporate diversional therapy to ensure these key needs are met.

What is diversional therapy in aged care?

Diversional therapy is a practice that recognises that leisure, lifestyle activities and experiences are the rights of all aged care individuals. Ideally, these activities promote self-esteem and personal fulfilment by emphasising holistic care, where physical, psychological, social, intellectual, spiritual and cultural support are provided.

What are the best lifestyle and leisure activities for aged care residents?

There are a variety of specific needs that lifestyle and leisure activities can meet for aged care residents.

Social — To prevent isolation and feeling disconnected from the world and their community, some of the recommended social aged care activities that our care team will develop for our residents who need extra care and support includes education and discussion sessions with particular focus on hobbies from cooking, arts and crafts and music.

Because of medical or wellbeing factors that may be beyond a resident’s control, certain specifically tailored activities will also aid in their social interactions with other residents such as painting, musical therapy, brain teasers and puzzles. By utilising these different social activities which are tailored to suit each individuals wishes and preferences, we help create a space where our residents not only feel engaged, but experience a sense of joy and connection.

Physical — Keeping active is even more critical as we age. We also need to monitor our balance and coordination and overall ability to walk and move without assistance, from reduced muscle mass to arthritis and joint pain. This is why aged care activities such as painting, music classes, and wellness dancing can keep seniors physically active.

Emotional — We all have emotional needs. Being respected, and feeling understood and accomplished can benefit aged care residents’ entire experience and mood. Many aged care activities facilitate emotional needs through bible studies, playing games with friends, cooking classes, sharing a meal with a loved one, and much more.

Cognitive — With some residents experiencing memory loss, keeping their minds active every day through a series of activities is an important daily routine. That’s why activities for the elderly in aged care that focus on cognitive needs are important. This includes games night, arts and crafts, reading and jigsaw puzzles — all applicable to strengthen the neurological connections in our brains.

What kind of lifestyle and leisure activities are available at Aspire Aged Care by LDK?

Aspire Aged Care is a genuine alternative to a traditional aged care facility. Co-located within Greenway Views, which is our first purpose-built LDK Seniors’ Living village in Canberra, situated in Tuggeranong. Our village’s leisure and lifestyle aged care activities are coordinated to facilitate residents’ interests and needs. With various activities to choose from each week, you can socialise with your friends with exciting options to choose from.

We offer board game nights, movie nights, coffee catch ups in the cafe, exercise activities, puzzle games, and much more. Every month our calendar is made up of regular monthly events along with additional special or seasonal events, ensuring you won’t get bored or feel as though we’re repeating the same leisure and lifestyle activities.

When it comes to activities for the elderly in aged care or understanding the benefits of social activities in aged care it’s always vital to consider what is best for the individual. Accordingly, we also offer a supported lifestyle program which provides assistance to residents for them to remain active with activities that are enriching and that will suit their specific needs and passions.

If you have any questions or enquiries about our Aspire Aged Care community please contact our team or to learn more about our care offering visit our Aspire page.