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Why Canberra & Sydney’s North Shore Are Australia’s Best Places To Retire


When you picture the best place to retire in Australia, perhaps you envision settling by the countryside or right along the coast where you can relax and enjoy your retirement in peace.


You may also see yourself living in a prime aged-care facility where you can still enjoy your free time doing the things you love, plus the added company of others who are also looking to enjoy their retirement.

Whichever you prefer, it’s essential that you find an idyllic location that offers peace and quiet while still providing easy access to facilities and larger population hubs. We’ve created this blog to share why Canberra and Sydney’s North Shore are the best places to retire in Australia. Perhaps you agree or have already considered North Shore retirement or retirement living in Canberra — but even if you haven’t, let’s take a look at some of the benefits!

Sydney’s North Shore — one of the most beautiful places to retire

The North Shore abounds with natural beauty and picturesque views of beaches and close-knit communities. From water viewing suburbs like North Sydney, Milsons Point, Cremorne and Lavender Bay to green and lush areas such as North Turramurra, St Ives and Belrose, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re after one of the best places for Aussies to retire, then Sydney’s North Shore should be on top of your list. With parks and green areas easily accessible with public transport, you can move around and enjoy the fresh air whilst feeling safe in your community. They say life in the North Shore is supposed to be lived outdoors, which is perfect for couples or single retirees who enjoy basking in the morning sun and going for daily walks. North Shore retirement is like a holiday visiting your local beaches and lively cafes from Freshwater to Chatswood.

It’s also one of the best places to live for single retired females who prefer living in communities where they’re surrounded by others of their own age. In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Balmain, Cremorne, and Cammeray recorded a 2.5% increase in people aged over 65 between 2013 and 2018 and all at the same time as residents aged 15-64 dropped by 3.5% — becoming a community for retirees to feel safe, connected and unified. In North Turramurra specifically, more than 40% of the population is aged 65 or over, highlighting how inclusive and supportive this suburb is for seniors.

With prime coastal real estate, what’s not to love? You can wake up to the fresh breeze of the ocean’s salty spray every morning! With gorgeous sunrises and captivating sunsets, enjoy your retirement in comfort, peace and serenity as you bask in the North Shore’s hidden gems and local food spots and parks. North Shore retirement is perfect for all Australians looking for their own personal slice of heaven and paradise.

Best place for retirement living? Canberra is the answer

As one of the safest cities in the world and with extremely low crime rates, you can retire in peace knowing you can safely walk the streets without worry. This is also why Canberra is considered one of the best places to live for single retired females, who perhaps feel unsafe living alone and would prefer to opt for a safer area.

With a great community feel and a diverse, cultural atmosphere, you can easily find your place in Canberra and not worry about fitting in, especially if you’re new to the area. As a multicultural location, everyone and anyone is welcome in Canberra, and you’re sure to find hidden local eateries, outlets and shops that will remind you of your hometown.

Canberra is more than just the capital of our country. It offers an easy lifestyle and a strong sense of community, plus it’s a beautiful place to explore. Perfect for retirees who love getting out and about and keeping fit, Canberrans are known for their love of the outdoors. In fact, Canberra holds Australia’s most physically active population. Additionally, the residents have the highest average income, the highest level of education, the most substantial jobs growth percentage and the lowest unemployment rate. Why wouldn’t you want to retire here?

The best place to retire? Australia

From the northern beaches to the bustling Canberra city, Australia itself is one of the best places for Aussies to retire. This country has always been the home of colourful flora and fauna, bustling and tight-knit diverse communities, delicious award-winning food, gorgeous coastal views and picturesque countryside drives. Spend your retirement in comfort at Canberra or Sydney’s North Shore and enjoy the finer things in life that we too often take for granted.

Whether you’re considering a senior living village like Greenway Views village in Tuggeranong, which also offers aged care services, or North Turramurra’s The Landings village, our team at LDK Seniors’ Living can help you find the perfect place for you. For those looking for an alternative to a nursing home, our Aspire Aged Care is ideal if you need extra love and care. We provide services and support in the privacy and comfort of your own home, delivered with love, decency and kindness.

Contact one of our friendly membership consultants on 1300 535 000 or submit an online form for more information, and we’ll help you find the perfect place to retire right in your backyard.