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What Is High Care In Aged Care?

Sometimes, along the ageing journey, you or your loved one may find that you will require the help of professionals to maintain a good quality of life. This is often a frightening and sensitive subject because nursing homes and round-the-clock care, especially in the case of high care in aged care, is seen as highly restrictive.

Let’s take a look at what is high care, low care and how LDK’s villages and services are far from what you’d expect.

What is high care in aged care?

High care in aged care is an advanced form of residential aged care. High care services are designed to provide more intensive medical and personal support than general residential aged care services, such as having nursing and allied health professionals who are on-site 24 hours a day. This type of service is generally reserved for older people with complex medical issues or those who are unable to live independently but do not need the around-the-clock care provided in a nursing home.

High care services generally involve more time and resources than general residential aged care, as they have staff available round-the-clock who can provide assistance with day-to-day activities such as dressing, bathing, eating and taking medications.

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What is low care in aged care?

Unlike high care in aged care, low care is a type of residential aged care that is designed to provide basic support for seniors who are still able to live independently but may require some assistance with day-to-day activities. Low care services typically involve minimal or intermittent supervision and may include help with shopping, meal preparation, personal hygiene and medication management. This type of service is often provided in residential aged-care homes and may also be available through home care services.

Low care services are designed to provide support to seniors who do not require intensive medical or personal care but need help to remain independent and safe in their own homes. Often, seniors have the opportunity to remain active and involved in their local community, which can reduce the need for more intensive care in a nursing home.

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Overall, low care and high care in aged care services provide seniors with the assistance they need to remain safe, healthy and independent as they age. Both types of services are essential components of aged care that help ensure older adults have the resources they need.

How to know which type of care is suitable?

The type of care a senior needs depends on their individual health and lifestyle. A doctor or healthcare professional can assess an individual’s condition to determine if they require high care or low care services, as well as provide advice about the best options available. It is important to consider both types of care when planning for the future, as a person’s care needs may change over time. Additionally, family members and caregivers should also be consulted to ensure the right type of care is provided.

Ultimately, finding the right aged care solution for an individual or family member can help ensure seniors can remain safe, healthy and independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

Receive only the best care with Love, Kindness, and Decency

LDK takes a different approach to seniors living and aged care. LDK brings together the vibrancy of a retirement village with the care capabilities residents require in their ageing journey. Our care offering, Aspire Aged Care, provides care to our residents in the comfort of their own home. LDK offers retirement living, home care and aged care in a seamless continuum of care model.

Why choose LDK for your or your loved one’s care?

At LDK, our aim is to always provide the highest quality of care and support with respect, Love, Decency and Kindness. With Aspire Aged Care, you can receive high care in aged care services tailored to each individual’s needs and care requirements.

We work closely with other healthcare providers to ensure a holistic approach is taken when it comes to providing senior care. We also offer a range of lifestyle activities and services catering to a range of different interests and abilities that residents can choose to partake in should they wish. Our Supported Lifestyle Program helps and supports those less independent and mobile to participate in activities safely and inclusively.

Learn more about our villages at Greenway Views and The Landings for more information about the services and amenities we provide. With our 24/7 care, you or your loved one will be able to rest easy knowing they are in good hands with LDK.