Whether your settlement is fast approaching or a little while off, it never hurts to prepare and plan for those next steps. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be relaxing in your beautiful new home before you know it.

Here is a handy checklist and a timeline as a guide to prepare for your move.

1) 8 weeks before you move

  • Begin to clear out the house (don’t forget the garage) and decide on what you’re taking with you; furniture, clothes, appliances and personal possessions. It can be difficult to make these decisions, however there are people who specialise in this space – downsizers. If you need help with downsizing, we have some handy tips for you – click here to read more.
  • Use your new floor plan as your guide on what will and won’t fit in your new home. Hot tip, create a space on a piece of paper and cut out your items to scale and see how you’d place them within the space.
  • Arrange quotes with removal companies and determine the best date for them to assist you with your move. Please see our recommendations below.
  • Talk to your real estate agent, solicitor and/or your financial planner about the transfer of the proceeds at settlement; along with where and when it will be transferred. We have some recommended solicitors and financial planners below.
  • Make a list of charity shops and friends or family to donate items to if needed. Visit our helpful article for a suggested list of charity shops

2) 4-6 weeks before you move

  • Contact your local utility providers to have your services transferred or disconnected. Remember, this is a great time to shop around for a better deal!
  • Discuss with your telephone and internet provider about cancelling your services and transferring your landline number. As a resident at LDK you have access to an internal telephone service and free WiFi. 
  • Contact your insurance providers and update your details; specifically home and contents, vehicle, health and any other current policies.
  • Plan your pack and allow yourself enough time. Many companies (including some removal companies) offer packing and unpacking services, so have a think about whether you want these services included. If you want to pack yourself, we’ve compiled a list of hints below to help you be organised and save time throughout the process.
  • Schedule in removalists and/or friends and family to help on moving day – the more hands the merrier!

3) 2-3 weeks before you move

  • Make a list of all the agencies that you’ll need to contact for your change of address. Often people choose to have Australia Post forward their mail for a period of time. This is a paid service but can be very useful if you think it will be difficult to change over all of your addresses. Importantly, once you start receiving forwarded mail, please make sure to contact all of those agencies who have your old address, so you avoid having to extend your mail redirection.
  • Check you have insurance cover for your move including damage, theft and loss. Most removal companies offer insurance but it doesn’t always cover accidental damage.
  • Contact our Resident Services team on 1300 535 000 to talk about your moving day. We’re happy to help you make the day as easy as possible and we’ll talk you through how your removalists can gain access to your new home.
  • If you hire regular services such as cleaning, gardening or grocery delivery, you should notify the suppliers of your move and ensure you have them update your details or have the service cancelled.

4) Moving day

  • If your move out and move in are both happening on the same day, ensure you have someone waiting at the other end in case you arrive after the removalists do.
  • When you get to your new home, make your bed first. If you are unpacking yourself you will probably be exhausted on that first night but at least if your bed is made, you’ll be able to go to bed whenever you’re ready.
  • Keep all your essentials close; keys, phone, wallet and paperwork which can all easily get lost so keep them in a safe and secure spot while you’re moving.
  • Before you leave, remember to check your power switches and lights and check that your gas is turned off.
  • Don’t forget! Lock your door as you walk out for the last time.

Packing hints

  • Find boxes that are strong and the right size. Storage companies, removalists and other retail stores sell packing boxes, wrapping paper, tape and all other accessories you might need. And it’s a fairly good rule of thumb that no matter how many boxes you think you’ll need, you’ll probably need more.
  • When you pack boxes, use a marker pen to label them with the room you intend them to go to and a summary of the items, e.g. kitchen, cutlery, tea towels, saucepans.
  • Choose the right box for each item. Larger boxes are good for light items and smaller boxes should be used for heavier items like books and crockery.
  • Every item needs to be wrapped or in a box. For delicate items consider bubble wrap or purchase sleeves to cover glasses and other breakables. If you have precious artwork, some companies provide special crates. Consider this as a good option unless you want to carry them separately in your car. There will be insurance considerations for both options.
  • Before you start packing boxes, pack a suitcase with things you’ll need on your first night or two and that way you won’t have to sort through boxes before you can get to sleep. It’s a good idea to have a set of bed linen, a towel and toiletries in your suitcase or in your car so you feel fresh and clean after your first night in your new home.
  • Most removalists will dismantle your bed and put it together at the other end, but make sure you confirm they will do that for you before you sign a contract with them. You may wish to dismantle any other furniture that can’t fit through your door at either end. Remember to keep the screws in a safe place so they are easily accessible when you need to put the furniture back together.

LDK Recommendations


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Financial planners

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