Myth #1: LDK is too expensive

Seniors who come to live with us are often surprised to understand that it’s more affordable than they initially thought. Here at LDK, we provide residents with ongoing certainty and transparency about our fees and charges for care and support; when residents enter a village, during their time at the village and at the end of their journey. All costs are known upfront before a resident moves in, and the fees are fixed for their entire ageing journey with us.

At LDK, we take a different approach to the traditional pricing within the retirement living and aged care sector. We center our model around what matters most, our residents, based on feedback we’ve received over 20 years of owning and running villages around Australia. We’ve taken the elements that make sense from both the retirement living and aged care sectors and left out the parts that don’t.

There are three easy components to our pricing when moving in:

  1. On entry: The cost of your apartment.
    When exiting you will receive the total cost of the apartment back (dependent on your chosen membership fee option);
  2. Our village membership fee.
    Our fixed membership fee can either be paid upfront, monthly or deferred until exit;
  3. Your ongoing living expenses.
    Your monthly Recurrent Charge Fee covers costs like electricity, water, phone and internet and the cost is fixed for life at entry, giving you clarity and certainty each month. Residents also pay for the care and meals they receive each month. Based on your personal circumstances, our Membership Consultants, in partnership with LDK’s care team, will provide you with a care plan which includes the cost of meals and/or care based on your assessed needs. LDK is an Approved Provider for Home Care, as well as a Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Department of Veteran Affairs for Community Nursing. Residents can access this government funding to reduce their out of pocket expense.

Myth #2: You need to sell your home before moving in

This is not the case with LDK. We understand that selling your home takes time, that’s why we allow 90 days for settlement from Application for Residence. Upfront we only require a $5,000 deposit to move in and your residence contracts to be signed. Our Contracts Team will then work with you towards achieving the settlement date for your new home.

Myth #3: We don’t offer high care

This is another myth we can quickly dispel. We are proud to say that we have cared for many residents through the end-of-life journey. We celebrate and remember our LDK Angels and the amazing lives they have led with us, living at an LDK Village. As a Home Care Provider, we are often asked how we care for residents through to the end of their life in their home? LDK partners with palliative care specialists who come onsite to develop a palliative care plan in partnership with residents, their representatives and their loved ones. The care LDK provided is then delivered under that palliative care plan, in the privacy and comfort of a resident’s home. LDK has internal palliative care expertise in our National Care Managers, who closely oversee all high-care residents’ care plan and care services to ensure optimal resident outcomes during end of life.

Our onsite Registered Nurses oversee the daily care delivered by our onsite team of Personal Carers. Care is delivered at LDK Villages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide case management, to monitor and review the care and support services that our residents receive. Our team can help residents navigate the My Aged Care system and access government funding.

Whilst most care is scheduled, at LDK, we know accidents happen. That’s why all homes are fitted with emergency buttons, so in the event a resident has an accident or needs emergency assistance, one of our care team will respond – giving residents and their loved ones peace of mind, knowing we’re there for you.

Myth #4: When you buy into an LDK village, your house is not your own

Once you or your loved one purchases a new home in one of our villages, it is precisely that. Resident’s homes are their private residence, to enjoy as their own. Pets are welcome on application, and family members are welcome to stay with you in your home. At LDK, we promote independence, lifestyle and fun! That’s why our team work hard to offer a range of onsite activities and programs for residents to enjoy as they wish. Living at an LDK village is community living, so whilst we encourage residents to live the life they choose, we ask that all residents and their guest respect the Village Rules to ensure all residents can have quiet enjoyment of their homes as well as the luxurious communal spaces.

Myth #5: You will be isolated from the community

When you move into one of our villages, you’ll be joining a vibrant community of your peers that is active and young at heart. At LDK we are always blown away watching residents form new friendships and create new memories. Remaining socially connected and active is essential for remaining healthy, independent and happy. To align with our ‘lifestyle for life’ offering, our purpose-built community areas are a central hub of activity, designed to encourage socialisation and companionship. Our villages boast over 70 scheduled activities each month, our village activity calendars have something for everyone! Residents are encouraged to participate in those activities they enjoy. Where needed, LDK can ensure care plans include services for one of our friendly care team to assist residents in attending activities.