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What is ageing in place?

Often this means ageing in place at home where an individual can live in their chosen residence for as long as possible, as they age. This generally this is staying in their family home and accessing care and support services, but inevitably having to move to a nursing home at some point in their journey.

While a number of seniors find it easy to adapt to a new environment such as a nursing home or aged care facility, this experience often leaves others feeling lost and lacking a sense of comfort, security, familiarity and genuinely ‘feeling at home’. This critical component in a senior’s ageing journey can significantly impact their quality of life.

Our vision at LDK is to help our residents live independently, in their own home, with care available when and if they need it. Everything we do is built with one thing in mind: our residents. Underpinning our commitment to residents is our One Move Promise®, our guarantee that once residents make an LDK village their home, they don’t need to move again.


What is the right choice for me?

There are many factors involved in understanding and ultimately choosing a retirement village or nursing home many of which are personal, based on preferences and care requirements. It is important to understand the concept of ageing in place when making this decision.

One of the most common considerations is futureproofing; often care may not be immediately required but forward planning to ensure this is available when required is where an ageing in place retirement village setting begins to make sense. This means considering options for ageing in place and the services offered are important to ensure you have the support available to you that you may require down the track.

There are several benefits that LDK has to offer in our unique and vibrant villages that other ageing in place companies can’t provide.

4 benefits of ageing in place with LDK

1) Our residents maintain independence in their own home

Once a resident purchases a new home in one of our villages, it is precisely that. Resident’s homes are their private residence, to enjoy as their own. Pets are welcome on application, and family members are welcome to stay. Staff work with residents and their families to understand the services they require to develop a personalised care plan and deliver this in a way that works for our residents. This is reviewed on a frequent basis to ensure that our residents needs are always met, as a true ageing in place solution.


2) Residents join a thriving community

When residents move into one of our villages, they join a vibrant community of peers that are active and young at heart. At LDK, we are always blown away, watching residents form new friendships and create new memories. Remaining socially connected and involved is essential for staying healthy, independent, and happy. To align with our’ lifestyle for life’ offering, our purpose-built community areas are a central hub of activity, designed to encourage socialisation and companionship. Our villages boast over 130 scheduled activities each month, our village activity calendars have something for everyone! Residents are encouraged to participate in those activities they enjoy. Where needed, LDK can ensure care plans include services for one of our friendly care team to assist residents in attending activities.


3) If things change, we change with you

Whilst most care is scheduled, at LDK, we know accidents happen. That’s why all homes are fitted with emergency buttons, so in the event a resident has an accident or needs emergency assistance, one of our care team will respond – giving residents and their loved ones peace of mind, knowing we’re there for you.

Our onsite Registered Nurses oversee the daily care delivered by our onsite team of Personal Carers. Care is delivered at LDK Villages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide case management to monitor and review the care and support services that our residents receive. Our team can help residents navigate the My Aged Care system and access government funding.

In addition, LDK partners with palliative care specialists who come onsite to develop a palliative care plan in partnership with residents, their representatives, and their loved ones. The care LDK provide is then delivered under that palliative care plan, in the privacy and comfort of a resident’s home. LDK has internal palliative care expertise in our National Care Managers, who closely oversee all high-care residents’ care plan and care services to ensure optimal resident outcomes during end of life.


4) Our village amenities allow for ease and piece of mind

Our villages have been purpose-built for ageing in place to ensure residents have everything they need at their fingertips. Our onsite facilities include a theatre, grocer, café, restaurant, bar, hairdresser, barber, dog park, BBQ area, babbling brook, library, summer lounge, winter lounge, gym, art studio, and more.

In our Seniors’ Living villages, we know that eating well is key to living well. Maintaining a nutritious diet can be difficult, particularly when you’re busy, but at LDK, we make it easy. Many of our LDK homes have their own kitchens for those who love cooking. We also create restaurant quality, freshly cooked meals for residents every day. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea in the restaurant or your LDK home. Our menu has been designed to be tasty and nutritious. It’s regularly updated with fresh seasonal produce and caters for all dietary requirements. The best part is the choice; whether you’d like one restaurant meal a week, or a daily selection, we’re here to make life easy.