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Q. Why are you different to other retirement living and aged care options?

A. The aged care and retirement industry has continued to be segmented within Australia, with retirement villages, home care support and nursing homes. We identified that senior Australians want similar lifestyle outcomes no matter their care requirements. In order to achieve this and bridge the gap, we have joined what we believe to be the best parts of retirement and aged care living together, in order to deliver our unique ‘One Move Promise®’ – our guarantee that once our residents call LDK home, they will never have to move again.

Q. How do you manage care governance?

A. We are an approved home care, residential aged care, commonwealth home support care and DVA provider. We have a highly experienced National Care Manager and Paul Browne, our Founder and Managing Director, has been part of care governance committees with 4 separate senior living organisations throughout his 20 years of experience building and running retirement living and aged care businesses. These figures are supported by a robust care governance and risk management program within the LDK business. We will never compromise on the quality of our care.

Q. What does Home Care Package management mean?

A. Navigating the government funding options for someone requiring care and support can be difficult. We will support families in this process and act on their behalf as much as possible, to ensure the best possible experience and outcome.

Q. Does each resident have a care plan?

A. Each resident in receipt of care and support, will have a care plan put in place. We work with the resident and their family to ensure they are also comfortable with the plan we are putting in place. Residents and families will always be given the opportunity to provide feedback and request reviews of this plan.

Q. Can I keep my current care provider?

A. Yes. Residents can continue to have care provided as they would when living at home, and by the same provider. Most residents select LDK to deliver the services however, due to the incredible value in package delivery LDK provides, partly due to the cost benefits that form part of being a village member and given the fact our care staff are onsite and not coming from an external provider.

Q. What happens if my care needs change?

A. We will continue to adjust and update a residents’ care plan to ensure they are being cared for. We will also continue to review the funding they are accessing also.

Q. Can my doctor come to visit me in the Village?

A. Yes. Doctors are welcome to visit residents in their home, as LDK encourages residents to maintain contact with their doctor and/or medical specialists. There are dedicated consultation rooms available for visiting doctors and appointments can be organised through our Care Team.

Q. Does the village have a registered nurse on duty always?

A. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our residents so our onsite care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have personal carers on 24/7 and registered nurses either onsite 24/7 or on call 24/7.

Q. Are staffing levels maintained over the whole week, including the weekends and public holidays?

A. Yes, our team always provide the highest standard of care, and delivery of services is always maintained no matter the day or occasion.

Q. What are the ‘care staff to resident’ ratios?

A. We don’t have “carer to resident ratios” at LDK, but please keep reading to hear how we deliver the highest quality of care, with an appropriately staffed 24/7 onsite care team. At LDK we will never compromise on quality care delivery and the residents are the center of everything we do and every decision we make.

When moving into an LDK village, each resident has an individual care assessment with one of our onsite care team (typically a registered nurse). From that assessment, in partnership and agreement with each resident and/or their family, our care team develops a personalised care plan for those needing one. Our LDK onsite care team are then rostered to ensure each resident receives the care they need, when they want it and how they prefer it to be delivered. In other words, we don’t rely on ‘carer to resident ratios’ but rather, we roster our team to ensure we are delivering quality care, how and when each resident wants it.

Each resident with a care plan receives regular scheduled reviews, to identify any changes which may be needed and we then plan additional care in partnership with each resident. Again, this determines the number of staff who will be required on any given day and time – which then determines the care team roster required, to have the team available onsite for care delivery.

Q. Is the ‘Care Hub’ a nursing home?

A. No, the Care Hub, called Aspire Aged Care by LDK, located in our vibrant and beautiful Greenway Views village, is not a nursing home or a traditional aged care facility, but rather a genuine alternative and a new concept in aged care living. Aspire Aged Care by LDK, has a higher volume of smaller studios and will mostly be home for those residents who need more assistance with daily activities when moving into the village. Most residents who move into Greenway Views that are living independently will choose to stay in their apartments to receive their care if and when they require those services.

A resident may choose to move to LDK’s Aspire Aged Care, to be closer to the care team. This might be a favourable option to feel secure if more unplanned care is occurring regularly. All residents have the opportunity to move to the Care Hub at no cost, as part of their Village Membership benefits.

Additionally, dementia care and private respite services are provided from Aspire Aged Care.

Q. Can you provide 24/7 care?

A. Yes, our care team are always onsite delivering care 24/7.

Q. What if I need someone to care for me in my room?

A. Care will be delivered wherever it is required. Residents’ homes are often the place it will be delivered.

Q. What happens if I need to go to hospital?

A. If a resident’s care requirements require them to go to hospital, our team will work with the hospital to ensure they return to health and to our community as soon as possible.

Q. Is respite available at LDK?

A. Yes, private respite care is available at Greenway Views.

Q. Does LDK Seniors’ Living provide palliative care support?

A. Yes, palliative care is often when the most care and support is required. We pride ourselves on delivering the best clinical and emotional outcomes to our palliative care residents and their families.

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Q. What does One Move Promise® mean?

A. Our model of care and support means that someone can live with us from full independence through to palliative and end of life. Our model is designed to partner with our residents so they can enjoy Greenway Views’ vibrant community lifestyle, supported by 24/7 onsite care if and when they need it. This also means our residents will never have to move into a nursing home when they’re with LDK, and will remain surrounded by the friends they have made at their village and by familiar, caring staff.

Q. Is there a shuttle for residents to access local shops or for excursions?

A. Yes, this includes transport to local shops and clubs like the Vikings and Southern Cross Club, Aquatics Centre and excursions to the greater community.

Q. What social activities are available?

A. At LDK, we believe in lifestyle for life – it’s important that you have purpose and keep doing the things you love. Greenway Views offer the opportunity to discover new and inspiring experiences in a fun, vibrant and connected community. Through our Lifestyle & Entertainment Program there will be something for everyone, whether that is keeping active and going for a day trip, crafting something in the Men’s Shed or sharing a laugh with new friends at a movie night.

Q. Can residents create new groups or activities?

A. Absolutely. We encourage our residents to continue to pursue their interests. If they happen to be the only one pursuing that interest, it will be an opportunity to teach and introduce other members of the village to it.

Q. Can I invite my family or friends to participate in the group activities?

A. Absolutely. If there is space or availability, we would love to see families involved in programs. If a family member has not booked in, a resident will always take preference over them however, as we always put our residents first.

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Villages & Apartments

Q. Who can live in an LDK Village?

A. Seniors who are either 70+ or who have immediate care needs are welcome to live with LDK.

Q. Can I stay with my partner?

A. Yes. We understand how important it is to enable couples to stay together for the rest of their ageing journey.

Q. Do LDK Villages allow pets?

A. Absolutely, Greenway Views is pet friendly and we welcome residents to bring their furry friends, although this is subject to Village Manager approval… an elephant may be a squeeze!

Q. Can I keep my car?

A. Yes. There are car parks for residents who have a car.

Q. How are meals prepared and cooked?

A. Residents will have the choice of preparing their meals in their own kitchen, purchasing a delicious, freshly frozen meal prepared from our kitchen, dining at one of our village restaurants or having meals delivered to their home. Restaurant quality meals from our restaurant are prepared and cooked by our staff in the kitchen and are designed to be a highlight of our residents’ day.

Q. What are the protocols for staff entering and exiting the resident’s room?

A. Our staff respect our residents’ homes like they would expect in return. We knock and await invitation into their home and will only enter without invitation if we are responding to an emergency call, or if we believe a resident may be in danger.

Q. Do I bring my own furniture?

A. Yes. When you buy an LDK apartment, it is your home and we want you to furnish it as such. We will also happily coordinate furniture packages if new furniture is required.

Q. Does the Village have a laundry service?

A. Each resident will have a laundry in their home. Assistance can be provided in completing laundry if required.

Q. Do residents have input into the meal plans?

A. We want to ensure that our residents enjoy our meals and we are continually asking for resident feedback on everything we do. Residents do have a choice of what meals they are served. We also ensure dietary and nutritional requirements are met.

Q. Can my family visit me while I am in the Village?

A. Absolutely. We encourage families to visit as much as possible and they’re also welcome to stay overnight.

Q. Can my family stay in my apartment overnight?

A. Yes. Families are encouraged to stay. They are however, required to respect the residents living in the village and abide by the village by laws.

Q. What if I change my mind once I move in and LDK isn’t right for me?

A. Yes, residents can leave the village within the first 100 days and receive the entry contribution back in full. Outside of the 100 days residents can also exit the village at a time of their choosing.

Q. Can I go on holidays?

A. Yes, that’s one of the benefits of living in one of our communities. You have the comfort of knowing your home will be secure and safe while you’re away.

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Q. What is a Deferred Management Fee (DMF)?

A. Deferred Management Fee is an amount retained by a retirement village operator to pay for capital works, head office costs, and company expenses. It is often a percentage of the ingoing amount paid by a resident.

Q. What is the difference between the Village Membership and the Deferred Management Fee (DMF)?

The LDK Village Membership provides residents with ongoing certainty and transparency about the fees and charges for care and support; when they enter a village, during their time at the village and at the end of their journey at the village. All costs are known upfront before a resident moves in and the fees are fixed for their entire ageing journey with us.

Under a DMF model, the exit entitlement applicable to the resident or their family is unknown, which often causes great concern to both the resident and their families.

Q. Do I need to pay Stamp Duty?

A. No, LDK Seniors’ Living provides a 99 year lease and a license to occupy the property which does not trigger stamp duty.

Q. Do I need to pay GST on the purchase?

A. No, LDK is GST exempt.

Q. Will there be any legal costs involved in the purchase?

A. LDK doesn’t charge legal fees however we recommend that the purchaser get independent advice and representation which would come at a cost.

Q. What happens if I need to sell my house before I can move in?

A. LDK Seniors’ Living allows residents to move in before settling on their home. We will work with their family to ensure settlement is obtained as soon as possible.

Q. How does the LDK Seniors’ Living business make money?

A. At LDK Seniors’ Living, we are a for profit organisation. We deliver a membership benefits model which delivers outcomes and services to its members and a percentage of this membership is profit to the LDK business.

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