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COVID-19 Updates for Greenway Views

17th January 2022
Greenway Views, ACT

LDK would like to advise that we have had residents and staff test positive to COVID-19 at Greenway Views. We have invoked our COVID-19 outbreak management plan and continue to liaise with ACT Health, staff and residents to manage positive cases, as well as close contacts, to minimise community transmission at the Village. Residents who have tested positive are being regularly tested and remain in isolation, supported by LDK staff.

The safety and wellbeing of our residents and team is, and always has been, our number one priority. We thank residents for their ongoing cooperation and adherence to our local protocols.

We have also had team members who have tested positive who have remained at home. Our leadership team are working hard to minimise disruption to scheduled services whilst we face resourcing constraints, at times.

As we traverse COVID-19 into 2022, we would like to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of all of our Village team members who continue to show up every day to provide care, services and support delivered with Love, Decency & Kindness, with a smile on their face. We are grateful to see LDK in action every day in the face of a protracted pandemic and ongoing challenges and adversity as we work through the second consecutive year. Thank you to our LDK Family!

We thank all loved ones, family and representatives of our Greenway Views for your continued patience, understanding and cooperation in these trying times. We will continue to work hard and keep you well-informed as we navigate COVID in 2022.

Please contact our Contact Centre on 1300 535 000 with any concerns or queries.

For all official COVID-19 information in the ACT, please visit the ACT Government COVID-19 page.



20th August 2021
Greenway Views, ACT

On the back of being advised by ACT Health on August 15th, of a positive COVID-19 test result of a staff member at our Greenway Views Retirement Village in Canberra, LDK immediately implemented our COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan.

The safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff is, and always has been, our number one priority. We can advise that our residents and staff have now been tested multiple times since that date and have all returned negative results. We are encouraged by this news as we progress through this quarantine period.

LDK Greenway Views was only listed as an Exposure Location on ACT Health’s website on 19th August, for the periods of 10th – 15th August, despite us being notified late Sunday evening. We understand the reason for this was because ACT Health did not list Greenway Views as an exposure site whilst its team worked through contact tracing.

We would like to assure everyone that:

  1. nothing has changed from Sunday evening as far as the outbreak is concerned;
  2. we still only have the one positive result of a staff member;
  3. that staff member worked on the 10th – 12th August;

We understand that the dates for 13th – 15th were listed as the test result did not come back until the 15th August and there may have still been a risk of exposure, and for no other reason.

We continue to work closely with the ACT Health’s COVID-19 response team, as well as other ACT and Commonwealth Government Departments. We acknowledge and appreciate their support and assistance during this time.

Our residents have been receiving daily testing in their homes. This is currently paused from today and may resume at the direction of ACT Health. We are awaiting further confirmation and sincerely thank our residents for their cooperation through this challenging time.

All staff are being tested and must return a negative result, and meet other strict criteria, prior to returning to work at the Village. This ensures we can keep our residents and staff safe. We continue to work closely with ACT Health to obtain clearance for staff to return, so that we can increase our staff capacity.

LDK are providing home dining for lunch and dinner to all our residents’ homes and we continue to deliver care services to LDK residents also. LDK are communicating with our residents & their loved ones with live daily updates as well as daily written communication on this unfolding situation, to ensure they know exactly what is happening every day, and feel supported and cared for. Our LDK Connect Program has also been launched to ensure our residents remain active and connected as much as possible.

The staff member who was infected with COVID-19 showed exemplary infection control when on shift. The staff member had their first COVID vaccination and worked whilst unknowingly infectious. Our team member got tested as soon as symptoms appeared whilst on a day off, which resulted in the positive test result.

LDK, our residents and their families are eternally grateful for the diligence and vigilance displayed by that staff member. We truly believe that the actions of this staff member avoided a potentially catastrophic outcome. The staff member is recovering well, and is receiving support from LDK and well wishes from the entire LDK community during this time. Thank you to our residents and loved ones who have shared messages of concern and support for this staff member’s welfare as they recover.

LDK would like to thank its staff, residents, residents’ families and the greater community for their support and understanding in a very challenging time. We are overwhelmed by the messages of support and appreciation received for our Village team, as well as our Support Office who have been working tirelessly since the early hours of the morning on Monday 16th August.

We are humbled and deeply moved by the stories of how our values of Love, Decency and Kindness have been displayed by our team members, residents and their families. The human spirit has proven to be a powerful weapon against this deadly and fast spreading disease.

If you have queries or concerns about any of the Greenway Views residents or staff please contact our team on 1300 535 000.

For all official COVID-19 information in the ACT, please visit the ACT Government COVID-19 page.



16th August 2021 Greenway Views, ACT

At 11.45pm on August 15th, LDK was advised of a positive COVID-19 test result from a staff member at our Greenway Views Retirement Village community in Tuggeranong, Canberra.

The safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff is, and always has been, our number one priority. As such, we are doing everything we can to keep them safe.

We have immediately implemented our COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan, which we have been rehearsing and reviewing continuously since the pandemic began. We are under the direction of, and working closely with, ACT Health’s COVID-19 response team to further investigate any potential exposure to residents and staff at the village, and to expedite onsite testing. We have placed the retirement village in lockdown, as well as notifying residents and their family members.

Testing of all staff and residents has commenced, and we continue to support contact tracing efforts to confirm potential exposure areas within the village.

We are communicating openly and frequently with residents and their loved ones to keep them abreast of the information as it comes to hand, to answer any questions they may have.

For any COVID-related queries, please contact our Contact Centre on 1300 535 000.

For all official COVID-19 information in the ACT please visit the ACT Government COVID-19 page.