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Life at LDK means something different to each of our residents but for everyone of them, it’s home. Meet some of our real residents and hear their stories below.

Don and Margaret

“It’s always lovely to get back home to your own bed. There’s no place like home. We can come and go, we feel safe and secure and it’s really everything we wanted.”


“A safe place for single, independent ladies like me. A community. The most important thing is, I’m home.”

Guy and Ginny

“One thing remains the same, our love and support for each other. I think we’ve found a place that understands that.”


“Wherever I go, my dog Harry comes with me. We’ve found a place that really feels like a community. A place the two of us can call home.”

Moving in at Greenway Views

“Our LDK team are always thrilled to welcome new residents as they move into their homes. A perfect time to share a meal with family and new neighbours”