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Don and Margaret

Our One Move Promise®

The promise we make is that, when you move into an LDK Seniors’ Living™ village, you won’t have to move again. Everything we do is built with one thing in mind — our residents. We provide a genuine continuum of care once our residents move in — from planned and unplanned care — where couples stay together and pets are welcome.

We are creating villages that our residents can call their own — amazing places to be part of, with a true sense of belonging. Through a wide range of activities and events, our villages will become known for their atmosphere and vibrancy, where new friendships are forged and family are always welcome, where our residents can remain in control of their lifestyle and won’t ever want to leave.


There’s no place like home. We can come and go, we feel safe and secure and it’s really everything we wanted.

Don and Margaret, LDK Residents

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