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Technology that works for you

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How LDK is making life easier for residents, with responsive care technology.

Remember when push-button telephones replaced the old rotary dial versions? Or when Automatic Teller Machines were introduced? It was a little unusual and took some time getting used to but was ultimately, a lot more convenient. Then, there was the Internet…

The pace of change in technology seems to get more and more rapid and it can be challenging staying on top of it all.

So, what is LDK Seniors’ Living doing to make technology relevant, and easy, for residents to use?

Real people, ready to help.

All of our villages will have LDK Tech Help Bars available onsite with a team of qualified IT professionals, providing one-on-one assistance 5 days a week. We offer this service to ensure our residents feel completely comfortable with using the technology available to them.

They’ll be able to help you with in-home services including training and support, and be on hand if you have any issues. The team will also conduct demonstrations and workshops to help you feel comfortable, confident and in control.

You’ll be connected within your home, village and wider community.

We understand the important role technology plays in making everyday living easier. We also understand the need for privacy.

So, we’ve developed a connected system for our LDK Seniors’ Living villages that will work to help you get in touch with the people who matter, and keep you safe and secure.

The technology has also been designed to be ‘out of the way’ and as easy as possible to use — keeping you up to date with what’s happening in your village and helping you to stay in touch with family, friends and support staff.

Even if you’re not a confident user of iPads or smartphones, you can interact with our systems at the touch of a button.

LDK is proud to be introducing market-leading technology, aimed at enhancing everyday life while presenting unique lifestyle opportunities.

What technology can I expect to see in LDK Seniors’ Living villages?

All resident’s living with us in LDK Seniors’ Living villages, will have access to core technology in three key areas: Community Lifestyle; Health Support; and, Tech Assistance.

Community Lifestyle combines a Smart TV, cordless home phone and mobile tablet (like an iPad), to deliver TV entertainment packages, through a high-speed internet connection. It also delivers our Community App that enables you to connect with others within the village and beyond, as you settle into your new home. You can access an LDK portal through your TV, tablet, or another digital device, to see your personalised care plans, activity statements, peoples’ contact details, photo galleries, staff and carer feedback, and more.

The Health Support focuses around a Google Home device that enables voice commands and communication, and a portable emergency response system from eevi, a leading provider of user-friendly technology. The ‘eevi Gateway’ integrates with emergency call buttons, emergency mobile pendants you can wear, allows for a voice-activated daily check-in service and a 2-way voice-activated emergency response solution, with 24/7 monitoring and care dispatch.

Connected and confident.

The way we have designed this technology solution is how we’ve designed everything else at LDK — around you. So, you can be confident that you will ‘get it’ and enjoy using it, even if it takes a little time and support from our experts.

Find out more about how LDK Seniors’ Living is making life easier for residents, with responsive care technology by booking a  guided tour with one of our Membership Consultants. Call 1300 535 000 or email to book.