Spring gardening checklist

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Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors while the weather is still mild enough. It’s also the perfect time to get busy in the garden.

Whether you have a seasoned green thumb or dabble in the garden, there are simple things you can do now to create a beautiful outdoor area you can enjoy in the warmer months:

  • Improve your garden soil by adding some compost or aged manure to your soil, cover with natural mulch and give it a good watering before you plant anything new.
  • Re-pot any indoor plants and give them a feed with a seaweed tonic.
  • For a quick lift of colour to your garden or front entrance, plant out some flowering spring annuals, or establish a bed of flowers that will bloom throughout summer. Snapdragons, petunias, and marigolds are some easy flowers to grow in sunny spots and are great at attracting pollinators and helpful insects to your garden. If your area gets very dry, consider swapping out cottage flowers for some hardier varieties that don’t require much water.
  • Plant edible favourites like tomatoes, snow peas, chillies and lettuce. When they’re ready to harvest you’ll have a variety of healthy options for your summer salad bowl. In cooler zones you could try leeks, onions, cauliflower, peas, lettuce and radish which fare better in milder climates.
  • Trim any hedges and edge your footpaths, before they take off. This will encourage hedges to grow thick and bushy.
  • Wipe down outdoor furniture with a sugar soap solution and give the BBQ a scrub (and check the gas bottle!). You’ll be ready to entertain your family and friends when they visit to admire your new garden.