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At LDK Seniors’ Living, we understand that the need for short term care can arise, and when it does, many of us may not know who to turn to for support.

Our Community Members enjoy many benefits, including being given priority access to one of our fully furnished apartments for respite care,* should the need ever arise. It is nice to know that extra support is available if you are being cared for by your spouse, family member or friend.

There are a number of situations whereby people will need access to short term care, such as the cases for Leigh and Deidre. Leigh has been living on his own at home for the past 11 years, with his daughter Jane who lives nearby, to help him with things he can no longer manage. But a few months ago, Jane’s husband was injured at work, making it almost impossible for her to care for both her husband and father currently.

Similarly, Marie has been the primary carer for 78 year old Deidre for the past decade, who needs regular support and supervision at home to ensure she has the correct medications  administered and gets to and from appointments safely. Deidre lives on her own and doesn’t have family living close by, so easy access to LDK respite care offers peace of mind should circumstances arise where Marie is unable to care for Deidre. It’s situations like these where it’s comforting to know that as an LDK Community Member, you can get access to the care you need through our priority respite care program.

As well as providing  a welcome break for care recipients and carers, our respite care program offers a chance to experience the LDK way of life. With no set visiting hours, family and friends are always welcome, and if looking for fresh company and conversation, our residents love to socialise and our staff are always on hand for a chat.

Whatever your needs, we can accommodate you in one of our state-of-the-art seniors’ living villages – your ‘home away from home’.

Not a Community Member? Call now to join – 1300 535 000

*LDK Respite care apartment stays are subject to availability and other conditions. Call us to find out more.