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Certainty and transparency – Our Village Membership

The Village Membership is optional for every resident moving into an LDK Village.

Village Membership is designed to give you and your family total certainty and transparency on the fees payable when you are part of an LDK Village. The key benefit of the Membership is that it provides fixed pricing, capped at 5 years and no LDK exit costs.

Membership benefits and inclusions

As part of your Village Membership, you’ll have access to the following benefits and services:

Home care package management

For residents who qualify for and have access to, a government Home Care Package, LDK Healthcare can manage and maximise your home care funding.

Wellness checks

If you are unwell or recovering from illness or injury, our care team will conduct wellness checks and restorative services, visiting you in your LDK home.

Respite services

Part of being a member of an LDK Village means that we will provide you with priority access to respite when you need extra support.

No cost transfer to high care apartments

Your membership means you can transfer to one of our high care apartments at no extra cost.

Couples stay together

Regardless of varying care needs, couples stay together when in an LDK Village.

You only move once

We have a ‘one move’ promise, meaning once you call an LDK Village home, you won’t have to move again. We are able to do this as we offer a genuine ‘continuum of care’, meaning you can stay in your LDK home throughout your ageing journey.

Registered nurse hospital visit

If you have a serious health event, and are hospitalised, one of your Village Registered Nurses will be at your bedside to support you or to act on your behalf when working with hospital staff to help you make the best decisions for you.

Exclusive member functions

All members have member club access and are invited to exclusive LDK Healthcare member functions and events.

No fees on exit

When you vacate your apartment, there are no ongoing fees.  This includes weekly fees, sales or marketing fees, LDK legal fees or apartment refurbishment costs.

Free smart device

Receive exclusive use of a smart device such as an iPad, with instructions and demonstration class. Keep in touch with family via video calls, learn something new, or simply keep up to date with what’s happening in the world.

Free Wi-Fi and phone handset

Receive free access to wi-fi as well as a free phone handset in their apartment.

Move in early

As a future resident, you can move into your apartment before settlement, if your existing residence is not yet sold and there’s a genuine need to move in to your LDK Village.

Village Membership eligibility

LDK Village Membership is currently available to all residents who move into an LDK village. It is an optional membership model, residents can choose either an LDK Membership or the traditional DMF option.

Membership fees

Membership is fixed at an amount per year and capped at five years from move in, so you’ll always know what you’ll pay.

In addition to all the wonderful benefits listed above, the key benefit of the LDK Village Membership is that it provides residents with certainty and transparency for the fees payable when they enter the village and for the duration of their stay.

For more information on our contracts and pricing call us on 1300 535 000, and one of our friendly team will be able to answer your questions.

DMF option

Residents can choose the deferred management fee (DMF) model if they do not wish to opt into the LDK membership. Unlike village members, residents choosing the DMF will not have access to the Village Membership benefits and will incur fees for provision of certain services which are included in  the LDK member benefits.

The deferred management fee (DMF) model has been the standard model for retirement living and aged care providers, with an exit fee (usually a percentage of the purchase price) charged when a resident leaves their apartment in a village, in addition to weekly fees and charges.

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