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Our villages will always offer genuine care, from low and minimal support for our independent residents, right through to residents who require around-the-clock care. Our promise is that when you call LDK home, you will never need to move again.

Our care levels

24/7 low to high care

When it comes to care, our onsite care team will be there to assist you, from routine wellness checks if you’re feeling a little under the weather, right through to high care and palliative care. We’ll support you with an appropriate care support plan which is prepared by one of our Registered Nurses (which is reviewed and updated at regular intervals) that caters for your individual needs. If you move in with us with low care needs and your care needs increase, you’ll continue to receive the care you need while remaining in your LDK Home within the village.

Dementia care

Our LDK villages are designed to care for our residents at any stage in the ageing journey. So, rest assured if you or a loved one ever require dementia care, we take special care of our residents in the comfort of their LDK home.  There are tailored daily routines and specialised therapy to support the cognitive health of these residents, such as specialised programs and dedicated dementia care rooms full of purposeful activities and therapies to help them feel part of the LDK family, loved and valued.

Respite care

Respite care is available to LDK Community or Village Members and provides a little extra support or care for a short period. It’s designed to benefit partners or primary caregivers who may need a break. Our warm and welcoming fully furnished, self-contained respite apartments can cater for singles or couples.

Palliative care

When our residents enter the last stages of their ageing journey, we continue to look after them with love, decency and kindness and provide increased care and support in the comfort of their own LDK home, where their loved ones, friends and family can always be by their side.

Care technology

At LDK, we care. We deploy the best technology available to enable us to spend more time caring. Service delivery is fast and efficient and can adapt to the dynamic nature of the care service environment. Our innovation and development path ensures we will always be at the forefront of care delivery and that we will continuously be able to make our residents’ lives better.

Our caring extends beyond our residents to include residents’ family members and loved ones, our wider community members and our staff.

Customer centric

In designing our villages and services, we always start with thinking about the customer experience and how we can make their life better. Safer, more comfortable, more secure, more engaging and more vibrant. Always better.

Our customer centric approach gives you, the resident or the loved one, peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge that we care.

Latest technologies

Technology allows us to deliver services more efficiently, create safer and more comfortable living environments and create a more engaging and vibrant community. We use technology to serve our goal of making our residents’ lives better.

Some of the technologies we use to make our residents’ lives better are: Emergency call systems including a voice activated system and Artificial Intelligence systems to unobtrusively detect events that require intervention such as falls.

Striving for the highest quality

At LDK we’re committed to providing our residents with optimal care and lifestyle outcomes. We do this by providing effective training and education to our care team and continuously improving the overall living experience, village cleanliness, care quality, and meals. A Clinical Case Manager is responsible for ensuring that all resident’s care services are delivered in accordance with each individual support plan underpinned by love, decency and kindness.

Care and support are delivered in the privacy of your LDK Home

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