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LDK’s second VIP Community Membership event

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Trivia, treats and terrific times were had at our recent VIP Community Membership Party, hosted at Canberra Southern Cross Club in Woden, on May 16th.

This was the second VIP Community Membership event hosted by LDK. The opportunity to participate in a delightful afternoon of activity and connection with fellow ACT Community Members proved very popular, with a strong turnout of attendees.


The lively afternoon featured a fun and highly entertaining trivia competition, which kept everyone guessing, laughing, and stimulated the competitive nature in all of our attendees! Friendships were born, as Community Members connected and exchanged numbers – even planning future get-togethers with each other.

LDK’s Membership Manager, Anthony Brown and Chief Operations Officer, Amanda Kidd, welcomed guests to the party.

Anthony shared the vision and purpose of LDK’s Community Membership Program – a chance to meet, build connections and network with fellow, like-minded Community Members. Anthony also highlighted the industry’s increasing focus on LDK’s approach – which is now leading the way with its One Move Promise ™.

Amanda provided Community Members with an update on the development and timelines for the opening of the Greenway Views in Tuggeranong. Residents are expected to move into their apartments from January 2020. Amanda also announced LDK’s recent acquisition of The Landings village, arguably one of the most desired retirement villages in Australia, located in Sydney’s prestigious, Upper North Shore.

LDK VIP Community Membership events are exclusive to Community Members and are hosted on a quarterly basis. The core aim is to bring seniors together to build a connected and vibrant community of like-minded people.

The Community Membership program continues to grow with each quarterly event. The LDK team are proud to be part of the wider community and facilitate a program that brings seniors together to support each other during their ageing journey.

If you’re not a member already, be sure to sign up! Community Memberships are free of charge, and you’ll find lots of beneficial events, information, and even priority access to LDK services should you ever need them.

To find out more, or sign up to the LDK community call our friendly team on 1300 535 000.