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LDK News and VIP events

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LDK members are at the heart of everything we do, so we are always looking for ways to create valuable and interesting information that is relevant to you. Our News page and VIP Community Membership events are two great ways that you can access this information.

Our news articles focus on a wide range of topics including community and lifestyle, care and support, health and wellness, as well as news and updates on what’s happening within our villages. We started this blog to create a genuine caring community base, to help you stay independent during your retirement, help you plan for the future and to share ideas with our readers on how to have fun along the way.

In addition to connecting with you online, we also want to meet you personally at our VIP Community Membership functions. These events are exclusive to Community Members and are hosted on a quarterly basis, with the intent to meet fellow Community Members and experience the LDK way, firsthand.

Our first VIP Community Member event was a  Wine and Cheese afternoon that took place onsite at our LDK Greenway Membership Lounge in Canberra in late 2018. The event had a great turnout with over 140 Community Members attending. The afternoon involved live entertainment, updates on the development of the Greenway village, and most importantly, people within the community connecting with each other.

Our team received some great feedback on the event. One of our Community Members, Peter Lynch said that he and his partner became Community Members because they want to be involved as things progressed. But Peter also thinks LDK will deliver a very good product that would meet he and his partner’s needs.

As an LDK Community Member, keep an eye out for your exclusive invitations. We look forward seeing you soon!

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