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We keep you safe and sound

Our vision at LDK is to help you to live independently, in your own home, for your entire life. As part of our One Move Promise® and Lifestyle for Life, we are proud to be providing market leading, non-invasive technology solutions aimed at supporting our residents at any stage in their ageing journey.

Market-leading technology enhances everyday life

At LDK, we understand the importance of technology and the impact it can have on health, safety and social connections. Our technology suite has been designed with simplicity in mind and is focused on these key aspects, allowing residents to stay in their LDK home, while maintaining their privacy and independence. With the introduction of our tailored digital offering we ensure that our residents and their families have access to the right information, technology and support when it’s needed most.

Technology in your LDK home

When you move to and LDK Seniors’ Living™ village, the following technology is available to you*:

  • A smart TV
  • A home phone
  • An emergency response system
  • A google home device
  • Unlimited high speed wi-fi
  • Access to various apps and digital information

A Connected Community

The LDK Community App is designed to support seniors living at an LDK Seniors’ Living™ Village . This easy to use app helps residents to connect with our support services, staff and friends in the village and keep you up to date with the latest news and all things going on in the community.

We also have an online portal available to residents, providing information on scheduled care plans, care activity statements, contact details, carer message notifications and staff/carer feedback. This portal provides full transparency over care services and costs, providing certainty and peace of mind.

Health Technology

The Eevi emergency response system works in conjunction with the Google Home Device and voice activation, enabling residents to find emergency support without having to find and press a button. These devices allow a two-way conversation between the resident and an emergency responder, so that help is always immediately at hand. The system also comes with a Family and Friends App, which notifies families of emergencies, providing even more peace of mind.

*Technology in each home will be dependent on each individual’s agreement, preferences and care requirements